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Saraya Aljewan Project provides a modern concept of housing by combining a contemporary lifestyle with a peaceful environment alongside a range of inclusive facilities.With its 936 housing units, it is the beating heart of Aljewan Neighborhood in Northern Riyadh.The units are distributed over a range of models tailored to the different needs of the Saudi family.

The construction of “Saraya Aljewan” Project strengthens the Company’s distinctive architectural presence in Riyadh especially after the remarkable success and distinctive performance of our Saraya Al Narjes project. The project was launched in 2019 under the Sakani Projects and covers an area of 750,000 square meters. Saraya Al Narjes project hosted 1,294 residential units reserved in a record period of time and retained very high standings for standards of comfort and performability.

Provides you

with an integrated residential community

Parking lots


Educational Compound

Green Areas

Government Facilities


Integrated housing

environment services and facilities



Strategically located in the heart of Aljewan Neighborhood north of Riyadh, the Saraya Aljewan Project is an ideal hub. Not only is it a center for working, socializing, housing, and leisure, but it is also characterized by its proximity to vital education, business, and government departments. It is also known for its ease of mobility as it has direct access to all road networks.

Comprehensive Lifestyle

Modern neighborhoods that translate into a combination of quality construction, contemporary designs, and prime leisure.


Advantages, design models, and details of the Project


Jory Model



The characteristics and advantages of the Project

Percentage of areas

Provides you

With a modern lifestyle

Modern lifestyle

A residential neighborhood that offers a modern, integrated, multi-service life

Comfortable and private atmosphere

Designed for project residents

Integrated service and recreational facilities

Include gardens, parks, educational facilities, several mosques and a government facilities.


Project videos and photos


Project zoning


The Price Schedule

Unit type
السعر بعد الدعم العينيالسعرعدد الغرفمسطح البناءرقم الوحدة
863,825 973,4944331.8401-01/2
934,610 1,044,0735363.4301-01/16
958,662 1,090,4915363.4303-01/14
994,741 1,160,1175363.4301-02/32
سعر الغرفة الأضافية
السعر بعد الدعم العينيالسعرعدد الغرفمسطح البناءرقم الوحدة
764,987 874,942 4287.7301-06/3
772,203 888,867 4287.7303-10/15
824,008 933,792 5314.0701-06/8
825,218 934,998 4314.6101-07/15
887,039 996,641 5342.202-07/7
898,019 1,007,588 5347.104-09/10
946,124 1,100,423 5347.102-04/11
947,171 1,112,684 5342.204-14/12
سعر الغرفة الأضافيةسعر الملحق الخارجي
السعر بعد الدعم العينيالسعرعدد الغرفمسطح البناءرقم الوحدة
739,001 824,1055288.0602-03/2
787,820 897,7094297.9202-03/10
708,946 819,0644262.7202-09/9
819,645 904,5144324.0502-11/1
830,244 915,0825328.7802-09/26
876,316 1,013,8515324.0502-03/18
682,221 767,4894262.7202-11/3
سعر الغرفة الأضافيةسعر الملحق الخارجي


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Saraya Al Olaya Residential Towers

The Supreme Saraya project is considered a real estate landmark with integrated services and facilities, embodying a unique haven in which the smallest details were taken into account during the construction phase to meet the desires of all segments of society, due to the multiplicity of spaces and designs it provides, which made it a qualitative leap in the field of residential and investment
Residential apartments

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Saraya Aljewan Villas

Our new project is Saraya Aljewan Villas, which the Company intends to develop north of Riyadh at an area of 491,639 square meters, includes 936 residential villas under the umbrella of the cooperation agreement between Dar wa Emaar and the National Housing Company and according to the off-plan sale.

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