Lease to own

Lease to own your dream house

At Villa Saraya, we offer the “lease to own program” to many of our clients as a flexible economic plan if they wish to own units in any project charted under this program.

Through the program, the client rents the unit starting from 3 and up to 5 consecutive years and at the end of the lease period, the client will have the option to buy the unit by paying the remaining balance. 

The program currently includes Al Olaya Towers project.


Lease to own option

Villa Saraya introduces a new product for the first time in the local market to serve all segments, which is a convenient purchase option with flexible payments and to get the house you ever wished easily.

About this program

Lease agreement with the choice to purchase. The agreement is binding to parties for a minimum of 3 and up to 5 consecutive years.

Program Duration

The program offers a lease period that ranges from 3 to 5 years.

Advantages and benefits of the Program

With the desire of owning a house in our projects, you can save up to 80% of your rent

Access to luxurious housing and services in a prime location

Handing over residential units within 48 hours of application submission.

Will you benefit from the product ?

Yes, if you are:

Government or private sector employee and your housing loan has not yet matured.

You have not completed a sufficient work duration to obtain a residential/personal loan.

If you are not qualified for direct ownership, you can benefit from the product until the approval of companies’ owners is obtained as an investment opportunity for their employees.

Here is an

illustrative example:

Unit price on acquisition

Annual saving value (5 years)

Saving rate 80%

Annual rent

unit price

Units space













Lease to own Project

Saraya Al Olaya Residential Towers

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Saraya Al Olaya Residential Towers

The Supreme Saraya project is considered a real estate landmark with integrated services and facilities, embodying a unique haven in which the smallest details were taken into account during the construction phase to meet the desires of all segments of society, due to the multiplicity of spaces and designs it provides, which made it a qualitative leap in the field of residential and investment
Residential apartments

Purchase starts from


Saraya Aljewan Villas

Our new project is Saraya Aljewan Villas, which the Company intends to develop north of Riyadh at an area of 491,639 square meters, includes 936 residential villas under the umbrella of the cooperation agreement between Dar wa Emaar and the National Housing Company and according to the off-plan sale.

Total area
0 m2
Housing units
Sold on


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